About Me

I was drawn to fashion at a young age and I am driven still by a love of beautiful fabrics and textures. I pursued my career in fashion, training at KIAD before working for many years at a leading Mayfair styling consultancy. I have advised numerous women and men over the years, sharing my passion for style, boosting my clients’ confidence and helping them recognise their full potential.

The key to your success is a wardrobe that works with you, that reflects your personality and style and that you return to time and again.

My motto is “clothes should fit and flatter”. Good styling is in the cut and cloth, not necessarily in the latest collections, and with seventeen years’ industry experience behind me, I can say with confidence that the greatest of fashion statements is a style that is your own.

Together we can develop a stylish wardrobe that best caters for the different facets of your life.