Returning to Work

Whether you are returning to your previous job, changing jobs or going from a corporate environment to starting your own business, you want to walk into a room with the confidence that you are wearing the right wardrobe for you, your personality and your new role.

When you return to work – or indeed change roles through promotion, you might feel that you need a change of wardrobe, or an entirely new look. If you don’t feel immediately confident in making the right clothing choice, I can help. By picking the right look, you will grow in confidence and in the role you have secured.

When we meet, we discuss the image you would like to project in your new role and match this with your own personal style; it is important that this style is a part of you, or you won’t wear it with confidence. This is a collaborative process through which we get to know each other – by knowing your personality I can help you pick the wardrobe that is perfect for you.